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Fox Thermal has another winner!

Posted on 28th Nov 2017 in Fox Thermal News, Fox Thermal Products

Fox Model FT4A named Overall Winner of the Flow Control 2017 Innovation Awards.

"Flow Control has honored the fluid handling industry’s ongoing commitment to manufacturing excellence through our annual Innovation Awards program for nearly two decades. Each year, they present the latest innovations and technology breakthroughs in our industry based on an open nomination and reader voting process."

FT4A Oil & Gas Pipeline in North Dakota

In the harsh North Dakota environment, the oil and gas Industry has found a new technology to use at upstream oil production sites in the Bakken: the Fox Model FT4A Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter...

...A large oil and gas company operating numerous production facilities across North Dakota reports that the Fox Model FT4A has been introduced into four key areas at its production facilities:

  • Test vessels for allocation purposes
  • Flare gas lines for waste gas or excess gas
  • Flare gas lines from tank batteries
  • Vent gas off of tank batteries

The Model FT4A was chosen for its robust DDC-Sensor and the oil and gas menu available on the Gas-SelectX feature....

Read more of the case study in the Flow Control Digital Magazine.


Learn more about the FT4A flow meter.

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