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New Fox Product Configurator Tutorial is Available to Watch!

Posted on 29th Feb 2016 in Fox Thermal News

Fox Product ConfiguratorWe have created a detailed video tutorial explaining how to use the new Fox Product Configurator that has been redesigned as a part of the new Fox Thermal website redesign. With great new features, improved functionality, and a sleek new look, this configurator will save you time when you need to submit a request for a quote.


The new configurator boasts these great features:

  • Responsive design looks great on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device
  • Consistent function between Models FT1, FT2A, and FT3
  • For registered users, view and recall previous configurations
  • For new users, registration is quick and easy
  • Use the "Help Me Choose" app to decide which model and type product to configure
  • Enter your criteria to configure the meter precisely for your application
  • Submit the configuration quickly and directly to Fox for a quote
The video tutorial will walk you through the similarities and differences between the configurator criteria to help you avoid 

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