Industrial Compressed Air System Monitoring

Faster, More Accurate Compressed Air Measurement

Thermal Mass Flow Meters from Fox Thermal are a cost effective solution for industrial compressed air system efficiency improvements. Flow meters solve issues with:

  • Compressed air system leaks
  • Supply side ineffiencies
  • Demand side ineffiencies

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Advanced Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Monitor for Leak Detection

Compressed air system leaks can also cause a drop in system pressure, force equipment to cycle more frequently, and lead to additional maintenance requirements and downtime. Install flow meters, monitor flow, and get improved efficiency.

ROI for Improved Efficiency

According to a study done by the Department of Energy, depending on the extent of leaks in a given compressed air system, savings per year can be from $78 - $262 (annual leak cost per SCFM). This has a tremendous impact on energy savings.

Reduce Costs

Repairing leaks is critical to reducing plant operating and maintenance costs. Fox Thermal Flow meters use a high-accuracy sensor to provide an excellent method for evaluating how much energy is wasted by locating these serious gas leaks.

Precision Compressed Air Measurement with Fox Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Compressed air system leaks can also cause a drop in system pressure, force equipment to cycle more frequently, and lead to additional maintenance requirements and downtime. Anywhere from 7 to 10 times more costly than electrical energy, compressor systems require optimal performance and air flow control.

By installing a Fox Thermal compressed air flow meter to monitor for leaks, increases in usage that could be caused by any leaks can be identified quickly. Compressed air can become costly when air leaks are ignored. Often, plant personnel may assume that an air leak is inexpensive and a low priority since it does not pose a safety concern, but uncorrected air leaks can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in energy costs.

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Compressed air lines or hoses

Flexible Compressed Air Monitoring with Fox Flow Meters

Gas flow meters by Fox Thermal are rugged, reliable, and easy to install. Fox Thermal offers exceptional value in terms of initial, installed, and lifetime cost-of-ownership. Flow measurement using our products ensures you get the best accuracy through NIST-traceable calibration flow standards in the Fox Thermal Calibration Lab.

Fox Thermal flow meters offer a more flexible solution to compressed air.

Top Flow Meters for Compressed Air Applications

fox thermal product ft1 meter

Model FT1

Cost-Effective Solution

The FT1 is the most popular flow meter for compressed air applications. Features include a Pure Gas menu in Gas-SelectX® and Calibration Validation with CAL-V™ to verify meter functionality.

Features include:

  • Insertion and Inline configurations
  • DC input power
  • Gas selection menus
  • Calibration validation
  • 3/4-inch probe

View Model FT1
fox thermal product ft2A meter

Model FT2A

Communications Specialist

The Fox Thermal Model FT2A flow meter has a large selection of communication protocol options available intrinsically. Options include BACnet MS/TP, RS485 Modbus RTU, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, or Ethernet Modbus TCP. NEMA 4X approved for hazardous locations.

Features include:

  • Insertion, Inline, and Remote configurations
  • DC and AC input power options
  • Extensive communications options
  • 1/2-inch probe

View Model FT2A
fox thermal product ft4X meter

Model FT4X

Full-Featured Hero

The FT4X comes with an advanced data logger which maintains a 7-year history for longterm record-keeping. This flow meter offers multiple configurations and an AC power input option.

Features include:

  • Insertion, Inline, and Remote configurations
  • DC and AC input power options
  • Gas selection menus
  • Calibration validation
  • Advanced Data logger standard
  • 3/4-inch probe

View Model FT4X

Get the Best Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Your Compressed Air System Application

Our new app can help you choose a compressed air meter model fast.

If you’re not sure which meter is right for your application, our Help Me Choose app walks you through a short series of questions to help you choose the ideal meter.

Once you’ve selected a model, fill out the questions in our meter configurator form.

Next, enter your process data and flow meter requirements into our automated product configurator. Drop-down menus and Help icons will guide you to answer each question.

Save and submit your application data to us for a quote - it’s that easy!

Save the data you entered into the configurator to create a PDF with a model code and AppID. When you're ready, submit your application to Fox Thermal for a quote.

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