Air Flow Meters for Compressed Air Applications

Fox Thermal Compressed Air Applications

Air leaks in compressed air systems can lead to inefficiencies that raise plant costs. By installing a Fox Thermal mass flow meter to monitor for leaks, increases in usage that could be caused by any leaks can be identified quickly. Compressed Air can become costly when air leaks are ignored. Often, plant operators may assume that the air is free without realizing that the average cost of operating a well-maintained compressor can be three times the cost of an electric motor. Add the cost of any leaks on to that and the total cost will be even more expensive.

Compressed air system leaks can also cause a drop in system pressure, force equipment to cycle more frequently, and lead to additional maintenance requirements and downtime. Anywhere from 7 to 10 times more costly than electrical energy, compressor systems require optimal efficiency and air flow control. Repairing leaks is critical to reducing plant operating and maintenance costs. Fox Thermal Flow Meters use a high-accuracy sensor to provide an excellent method for evaluating compressor efficiency and locating these serious gas leaks.

According to a study done by the Department of Energy, depending on the extent of leaks in a given compressed air system, savings per year can be from $186 - $27,036 (air loss of 1.6-234 CFM/day). This has a tremendous impact on energy savings and efficiency.

Fox Thermal strives to design and manufacture the most innovative and reliable thermal mass flow meter products to our customers. All Fox Thermal meters measure mass flow rate and are available in insertion and inline models. Fox Thermal models FT1, FT2A and FT3 are mass flow meters and temperature transmitters providing isolated 4-20mA and pulse output for flow rate, and a 4-20mA pulse output for process gas temperature or a second flow rate output.

Fox Thermal products are ideal for pure gas, air flow, compressed air, oxygen, and other mixed gas measurement and monitoring applications. Gas flow meters by Fox Thermal are rugged, reliable, and easy to install. Fox Thermal flow meters offer exceptional value in terms of initial, installed and lifetime cost-of-ownership. Flow measurement using Fox Thermal gas flow meters ensures you get the best accuracy through NIST-traceable calibration flow standards in the Fox Thermal Calibration Lab.

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Fox Thermal flow meters are often calibrated to measure compressed air. Please review the product features for Models FT1, FT2A and FT3 for further information about our thermal mass flow meter products. If you’re not sure which meter is right for your compressed air application, use our Help Me Choose app to find the ideal meter or Contact Us today!

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