Gas Compressor Packing Leak Application Solutions with Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Fox Thermal Flow Meters for Gas Compressor Packing Leak Applications

Operating in the Oil & Gas industry is tough. Emissions regulations tend to change frequently and result in the need to measure, monitor, and report emissions from various sources. Methane emissions are a potent greenhouse gas that require flow measurement and leak detection to avoid regulatory fines.

Packing leaks from gas compressors are covered under the Quad O regulation.

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Oil and gas compressors - or reciprocating compressors - in natural gas production and distribution are one of the major emitters of fugitive methane gas. Failures of rod packing seals are the most common sources of methane leaks.

Monitoring flow rates of packing vent leaks to avoid packing failures allows users to gain insight on better mechanical seal maintenance as part of an advanced LDAR program. Understanding the relationship between flow rates and potential seal failures is key to avoiding emissions data issues. Manage fuel gas compressors with an optimization strategy that considers the challenges inherent in this application.

Challenges in this application include:

  • Emission issues due to packing vent leakage
  • Inaccurate emissions data during a blowdown event
  • Environmental fines due to methane emissions and misreporting
  • Low-flow rates make it difficult to find accurate flow measurement solutions

Packing leaks are known for having very low flow rates. For this reason, a flow meter that can handle very low flow rates of gas is ideal for this application. Fox Thermal's mass flow technology is well-suited to measure very low flow rates - as low as 0.6 SCFM! Our flow meters are rugged, accurate, and perfect for use in oil & gas applications needing accurate and repeatable gas flow measurement.

Download our White Paper "Monitoring and Minimizing Packing Leakage from Natural Gas Compressors" to read a more in depth look at the emissions flow measurement implications of regulations effecting gas compressors in the oil & gas industry.

Fox Thermal flow meters offer the Digital Difference. Watch our video to learn about the DDC-Sensor™, Gas-SelectX®, and CAL-V™ calibration validation.

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Read more about oil & gas applications and how to stay in compliance with current and developing greenhouse gas emissions regulations.

Fox Thermal strives to design and manufacture the most innovative and reliable thermal mass flow meter products to our customers. All Fox Thermal meters measure mass flow rate and are available in insertion and inline models. 

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