Flowmeters for Emissions and Fuel Gas Monitoring Solutions

Fox Thermal Emissions and Fuel Gas Monitoring Solutions

Emissions from factories, transportation, and power have been the topic of heated debates for some time now. This debate crosses borders and effects countries all over the world. Some pollute more, some less; however, the movement of governments and international organizations has led to a wave of regulations regarding the monitoring and reduction of emissions. Across industries, companies are beginning to see more pressure to increase the efficiency of old equipment, monitor emissions, and reduce emissions.

“I think we can lower our emissions. I think the world will be better off if we did that…”

Fred Upton, U.S. House of Representatives, Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee

Internationally, the Kyoto Protocol has been a huge motivating force. The EU has spearheaded a great movement in environmental regulation and improvement since the 1970’s. Canada has also put forth regulations, such as the Energy Resources Conservation Board’s (ERCB) Directive 017. In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been very active in regulating emissions, as well.

Fox Thermal products are ideal for emissions monitoring, pure gas, air flow, compressed air, oxygen, and other mixed gas measurement and monitoring applications. Gas flow meters by Fox Thermal are rugged, reliable, and easy to install. Fox Thermal flow meters offer exceptional value in terms of initial, installed and lifetime cost-of-ownership. Flow measurement using Fox Thermal gas flow meters ensures you get the best accuracy through NIST-traceable calibration flow standards in the Fox Thermal Calibration Lab.

Find out about how Fox Thermal flow meters can help reduce costs associated with emissions monitoring systems in this white paper.

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Fox Thermal strives to design and manufacture the most innovative and reliable thermal mass flow meter products to our customers. All Fox Thermal meters measure mass flow rate and are available in insertion and inline models. Fox Thermal models FT1, FT2A and FT3 are mass flow meters and temperature transmitters providing isolated 4-20mA and pulse output for flow rate, and a 4-20mA pulse output for process gas temperature or a second flow rate output.

Fox Thermal flow meters are often calibrated to measure air flow. Please review the product features for Models FT1, FT2A and FT3 for further information about our thermal mass flow meter products. If you’re not sure which meter is right for your emissions monitoring application, use our Help Me Choose app to find the ideal meter or Contact Us today!

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