Flare Gas Flow Meters

Faster, More Accurate Flare Gas Flow Measurement

Thermal Mass Flow Meters from Fox Thermal solve the problems of flare gas monitoring for oil and gas as well drilling operations, oil refineries, chemical process plants, gas distribution infrastructure, landfills, and more.

Advanced Thermal Flow Meters for Flare Gas Monitoring

Meet environmental regulations with accurate flare gas flow measurement

Flare gas meters from Fox Thermal allow you to meet the regular emissions reporting and validation calculation requirements for flare stacks and enclosed combustors.

No temperature or pressure compensation requiredpast

With Fox Thermal’s direct mass flow measurement technology, no temperature or pressure compensation is required. Instead, a heated stainless steel sensor is suitable for corrosive, particulate-laden flare gas streams.

Flare gas flow meter accuracy over a wide turndown

Due to the potential for large changes in flow rates, density, pressure, and gas composition, flare gas measurement is one of the most difficult and demanding flow applications. Fox Thermal mass flow meters maintain repeatability and accuracy over an exceptionally broad measurement range of up to 1000:1 (100:1 typical).

More About Flare Gas Flow Meters

A flare gas flow meter from Fox Thermal is specially equipped for flare applications. Flare stacks and enclosed combustors (or vapor combustors) are used to burn waste gases from oil and gas production, natural gas processing facilities, dehydration facilities, tank batteries, tank farms, and industrial plants. Some processes also use relief valves to vent flammable gases to the flare stack during upset conditions.

Flares and combustors are subject to stringent regulations, requiring operators to measure, record, and report the amount of flared gases. Thermal mass flow measurement systems from Fox Thermal have demonstrated their ability to measure the low flow rates typical of normal flare conditions, and also the high velocities found in upset conditions.

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Fluid composition and installation anomalies can also affect flare meter performance. Fox Thermal’s Calibration Lab employs a wide range of gases, gas mixtures, temperatures, pressures, and line sizes to simulate actual fluid and process conditions while calibrating our flare gas meters. This real-world approach improves installed accuracy and minimizes measurement uncertainty.

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Fox Thermal Flow Meters for Flare Applications

Fox Thermal provides accurate flare gas flow measurement for gas production industry.

Accurate, Reliable Flare Gas Flow Measurement for the Energy Sector

Flaring is a necessary part of oil & gas drilling and natural gas production and processing to maintain safe production facilities and comply with environmental regulations.

Flare stacks and combustors are used at oil and gas well sites to burn off vapors from the drilling, collection, and storage of the gases produced in the process. Any storage tanks must be vented or flared to make room when new product is injected.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the primary emissions from storage tanks used in oil & gas production. The reduction of these emissions is regulated by the US EPA as they are considered hazardous air pollutants.

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When hydrocarbon gas is extracted, especially from hydraulic fracking, it is necessary to process it further to separate it from the water and other hydrocarbons. A VRU (vapor recovery unit) may be used to capture gas for delivery to a pipeline. Flare stacks are often used in these processes.

The natural gas production industry requires a reduction of emissions by 95%, with waste gas recovered using VRUs or combusted using a flare system, combustors, or other combustion devices to cut down on the loss of these gases to the atmosphere. As part of this requirement, flares or combustors used to reduce emissions must include monitoring instruments that have an accuracy of ±2% or better.

Meanwhile, the European Union stipulates that flow meters used to report emissions for its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) must operate at a Tier 3 accuracy level which means that they must measure at ±7.5%. It is also mandatory that the measuring device be validated for calibration accuracy at periodic intervals.

Fox Thermal flow meters meet and exceed these requirements with high accuracy, a digital Calibration Validation feature, and an advanced data logger (offered on the Model FT4X). With exceptional low-flow sensitivity, fast response, and low maintenance requirements, Fox Thermal flow meters are virtually immune to changes in temperature and pressure and deliver repeatable, accurate mass flow measurement under a wide range of loads.

Get the Best Thermal Mass Meter for Your Flare Gas Flow Measurement Application

Our new app can help you choose a flare gas meter model fast.

If you’re not sure which meter is right for your application, our Help Me Choose app walks you through a short series of questions to help you choose the ideal meter.

Once you’ve selected a model, fill out the questions in our meter configurator form.

Next, enter your process data and flow meter requirements into our automated product configurator. Drop-down menus and Help icons will guide you to answer each question.

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Flare Gas Flow Meters

fox thermal product ft1

Model FT1

The Model FT1 thermal flow meter is available with Gas-SelectX® and can be easily reprogrammed in the field with the help of DDC-Sensor™ for calculating accurate gas correlations. It can measure a single gas or a mixture of up to 5 specified gases.

Model FT1
fox thermal product ft3 meter

Model FT3

The FT3 can operate over higher temperatures and measure a wide range of dry pure gases and gas mixes. Comes with CAL-V™ and Zero CAL-CHECK®. An optional Data Logger is available.

Model FT3
fox thermal product ft4A meter

Model FT4A

This versatile gas flow meter is available with CAL-V™ Calibration Validation, DDC-Sensor™, and Gas-SelectX® allowing it to be programmed to measure any combination of up to 10 gases in 0.1% increments to create a custom gas mix.

Model FT4A
fox thermal product ft4X meter

Model FT4X

The Model FT4X features CAL-V™ Calibration Validation, DDC-Sensor™, and Gas-SelectX®. It comes with a built-in data logger for advanced record-keeping and data retention. Optional remote sensor mounting allows for easier control in tight spaces.

Model FT4X

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