Recovering Gas from Digesters in Wastewater Treatment

Modern Wastewater Treatment Applications for Fox Thermal Flow Meters

Fox Thermal Flow Meters for Wastewater Applications

Let’s face it, America’s wastewater infrastructure is aging. Capital investment needs for the nation’s wastewater and stormwater systems are estimated to total $298 billion over the next twenty years. Capital needs for the treatment plants comprise about 15%-20% of total needs, but will likely increase due to new regulatory requirements. The remaining percentages will most likely be used to update piping and storm drainage. Since 2007, the federal government has required cities to invest more than $15 billion in new pipes, plants, and equipment to eliminate combined sewer overflows. Recent events in Flint, Michigan, highlight the nation’s dire need to invest in aging water treatment and delivery systems.

Most water and wastewater systems are based on technology from the 50’s and 70’s when housing developments boomed and produced the need for expansions of existing systems. Modern wastewater treatment methods have improved upon these methods to treat wastewater based on source types, volume, environmental circumstances, and effluent types. Treatment plants must put wastewater through multi-layered processes to remove debris and other undesirable substances to produce a cleaner effluent. The sludge removed from wastewater is often incinerated or put into anaerobic digesters to break it down. The effluent is then sent into biofilters filled with bacteria that feed off of the organic materials to clean it further.

Modern large-scale agricultural producers of swine or dairy sometimes employ their own treatment systems on site. These systems often use aeration to provide the correct air to water ratio required for optimal bacterial biodegradation of organic matter. They also install biogas digesters to break down the solid waste of the animals. These digesters use a natural process to break down the waste and the process produces a biogas off-product that can be collected and used to power equipment. Due to system limitations, the biogas can be flared in order to maintain system integrity.

Fox Thermal flow meters can be used in several of the wastewater treatment processes mentioned in this article. They can be used to measure the flow of:

  • fuel gas to sludge incinerators
  • air or oxygen to water aeration systems
  • biogas in wastewater or agricultural digesters
  • flare gas from digesters

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