Thermal Mass Flow Meters for HVAC/Building Automation Applications

The automatic centralized control of a building's Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting and other systems through a building management system or building automation system (BAS) all fits under the Building Automation umbrella. Building Automation systems allow facilities to save costs by scheduling efficiency times when the building is not in use or ramp up ventilation heating or cooling during peak usage times.

Instrumentation and equipment purchased to be controlled by the system must be
designed to communicate with the BAS communication protocol. A type of Modbus is a commonly used protocol with BAS systems.

Fox Thermal manufactures high quality instrumentation:
  • Seal Air Flow Meters
  • Ventilation Flow Meters
  • Natural Gas Flow Meters
  • Propane Flow Meters
  • Air Duct Flow Measurement
  • Ventilation System Air Flow Measurement

HVAC Applications

Fox Thermal Flow Meters for Green Buildings.
Green Buildings
Building Automation Systems (BAS) are a valuable part of achieving Green Building status. The BAS can be programmed to account for peak and low periods of
building use and adjust the ventilation or other HVAC components to accommodate these low and high-traffic time periods. This efficiency model saves costs over time for both heating/cooling fuel and power usage, but also for labor costs. Facilities labor costs are lessened by having these systems automated rather than hiring workers to plan efficiency schedules and then work shifts to walk large facilities in order to adjust and test output.

Flow meters used to measure the flow of air in the duct systems must be highly accurate and sensors must be sensitive to small changes in flow in order to check for leaks in the system. Alarms can be set in order to alert the system if air flow drifts outside of the appropriate flow range.

Flow meters must also be equipped with the right communication protocol in order to communicate with the BAS quickly and efficiently. Fox Thermal mass flow meter sensors are very sensitive to changes in gas flow in both very low and high velocities. Fox Thermal model flow meters are also, rugged, durable, and full-featured to fit ideally among BAS-controlled equipment and instrumentation.

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Fox Thermal Flow Meters for HVAC Duct Flow.
HVAC Duct Flow
Ventilation ducts be round, rectangular, or square in shape and the flow meter used in measuring flow within the duct should be calibrated to read accurately in the
particular shape of the duct. Accuracy errors can occur in meters that are not calibrated properly. Calibrating to actual process conditions, as all Fox Thermal flow meters are, is the ideal method to ensure that the meter will measure the flow of gases accurately.

Rather than having a visual inspection of the duct system for restrictions such as crushed ductwork, dirty or damaged filters, and dirty evaporator coils, installed air flow meters can alert operators when air flow has been affected through a constant duct air flow monitoring.

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FT2A Flow Meter for Air Applications.
Air Flow Meters, Compressed Air Flow Meters
Air flow meters must be easy to install, accurate, and communicate with a BAS or PLC. See what an air flow meter from Fox Thermal can do for your HVAC or Building Automation needs. View Product Info >>
FT1 Flow Meter for Propane & Natural Gas Applications.
Propane & Natural Gas Flow Meters
Gas-powered HVAC or BAS system equipment may use natural gas, propane, or other fuel gases to run. Try a Fox Thermal flow meter with FM/FMc, ATEX, or IECEx approvals. View Product Info >>

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