Insertion Flow Meters

Insertion Flow Meters for Accurate Gas Flow Rates

Insertion-style thermal mass flow meters from Fox Thermal accurately measure flow rates for a wide range of gases – with faster lead times and an appealing price point.

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Advanced Insertion Flow Meters from Fox Thermal

Thermal mass gas flow technology for greater accuracy

Fox Thermal insertion flow meters use our patented thermal mass flow technology. They require no compensation for temperature or pressure changes and provide exceptional accuracy with a wide turndown.

Easier installation and service

Hot tap installation allows insertion flow meters to be installed without service interruptions. Optional ball valve/retractor mounting hardware allows the meter to be safely retracted out of the process stream for maintenance and then easily reinstalled.

Ideal for a wide range of pipe sizes

Fox Thermal insertion flow meters come in many available probe lengths that can accommodate line sizes from 1.5 inches up to 70 inches. Insertion-style flow meters can be installed in horizontal or vertical pipes.

Retractors, Straight Run Requirements, and Flow Conditioners

Local insertion-style flow meters have an enclosure housing the microprocessor of the flow meter intrinsically connected to a probe that is inserted into the process pipe.

Retractors with a ball valve shut off can be ordered to allow the flow meter’s probe to be retracted from the pipe for routine maintenance.

Lateral placement of the flow meter on the process pipe is determined by the straight run requirements of the style of flow meter and the existence of obstructions or elbows in the pipe that create swirl or turbulent flow profiles.

For more accurate flow measurement, a uniform flow profile can be achieved either through the addition of straight pipe runs between the causes of turbulent flow or through the addition of a flow conditioning device.

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a retractor used on an insertion flow meter

Optional Remote-Style Insertion Flow Meters for More Flexibility

Remote-style flow meters have an enclosure that can be mounted at a distance away from the probe. The enclosure is connected by cable to a remote junction box fitted to the probe.

A remote-style insertion flow meter is needed in cases where the probe insertion location would make viewing the flow meter’s display difficult for the user if an intrinsic insertion flow meter were used.

The advantages of a remote-mounted insertion flow meter are:

  • Convenient location of the electronics display for easy viewing
  • Quick access to settings through the flow meter’s configuration panel*
  • Easy access to USB port* to connect a PC or laptop and launch FT View™ software
  • Better access to electronics wiring
*Option availability dependent on model type
remote-style insertion flow meter

Get the Best Insertion Flow Meter for Your Application

Our new app can help you choose a thermal mass flow meter fast.

If you’re not sure which insertion flow meter is right for your application, our Help Me Choose app walks you through a short series of questions to help you choose the ideal meter.

Once you’ve selected a model, fill out the questions in our meter configurator form.

Next, enter your process data and flow meter requirements into our automated product configurator. Drop-down menus and Help icons will guide you to answer each question.

Save and submit your application data to us for a quote - it’s that easy!

Save the data you entered into the configurator to create a PDF with a model code and AppID. When you're ready, submit your application to Fox Thermal for a quote.

Discover the Fox Thermal Advantage

All Fox Insertion Flow Meters available for pipes of 1.5” to 70” in diameter.

fox thermal product ft1

Model FT1

The Model FT1 thermal flow meter, available with Gas-SelectX® is easily reprogrammed in the field using the DDC-Sensor™ for calculating accurate gas correlations. It can measure a single gas or a mixture of up to 5 specified gases. The CAL-V™ test feature ensures the meter retains its original NIST calibration.

Model FT1
fox thermal product ft2A meter

Model FT2A

Fox Thermal’s Model FT2A flow meter is available in an extended temperature operating range. The meter can be calibrated to measure an extensive list of dry pure gases and gas mixes. It is available in numerous communications options. Remote sensor mounting optional.

Model FT2A
fox thermal product ft3 meter

Model FT3

The FT3 flow meter can operate over higher temperatures and measure a wide range of dry pure gases and gas mixes. The model comes with CAL-V™ and Zero CAL-CHECK® for in-situ, operator-initiated calibration validation. An optional Data Logger is available. Remote sensor mounting optional.

Model FT3
fox thermal product ft4A meter

Model FT4A

This versatile gas flow meter is available with CAL-V™ Calibration Validation, DDC-Sensor™, and Gas-SelectX® allowing it to be programmed to measure any combination of gases in the gas mix menu in 0.1% increments to create a custom gas mix.

Model FT4A
fox thermal product ft4X meter

Model FT4X

The Model FT4X features CAL-V™ Calibration Validation, DDC-Sensor™, and Gas-SelectX®. It comes with a built-in data logger for advanced record-keeping and data retention. Measures both flow rate and temperature. Now available with AC power input option. Remote sensor mounting optional.

Model FT4X

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