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Fox Calibration Services Provide Accurate Meter Performance

Posted on 31st Dec 2015 in Fox Thermal Calibration

Calibration ComputerProcess parameters, fluid compositions and installation anomalies can dramatically affect the performance of flow instrumentation. The Fox Cal Lab employs a wide range of gases, gas mixtures, pressures, temperatures, and line sizes to simulate actual fluid and process conditions. This real-world approach improves installed accuracy and minimizes measurement uncertainty. Calibration capabilities range from as low as 0.02 SCFM (.03 NM3/HR) and up to 3000 SCFM (4800 NM3/HR) using velocity equivalency methods. The Calibration Lab is also equipped to calibrate for applications with temperatures ranges from -40 to 650F (-40 to 343C) and pressure ranges from 0 to 500 psig (0 to 35 barg).

Flow meter accuracy is only as good as the calibration reference standard. To ensure that all Fox flowmeters meet specified performance parameters and provide accurate, repeatable measurements in the field, all calibrations are performed with NIST-traceable flow standards. Furthermore, all calibration equipment is subject to a meticulous metrology program that includes the selection, usage, control and maintenance of measurement standards. If a field technician is commissioning or servicing an installed device, or if a customer needs specific instrument information, it can be accessed quickly and easily.

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