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New Content & Literature from Fox Thermal!

Posted on 15th Feb 2019 in Fox Thermal Calibration, Fox Flow Meter Features, Fox Thermal News

Fox Thermal has just released a Case Study on Thermal Flow Meter Calibration for Natural Gas and a Tech Tip on the Advantages of Sensor Technology.

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How accurate are Fox Meters anyway?

Posted on 31st Oct 2017 in Fox Thermal Calibration

FT3 Zero CAL-CHECK & Cal-V

To ensure that all Fox flow meters meet specified performance parameters and provide accurate, repeatable measurements in the field, all calibrations are performed with NIST-traceable flow standards. Each meter is shipped from the factory with a Fox Calibration Certificate.

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Automated Calibration Improves Accuracy and Efficiency

Posted on 4th Jan 2016 in Fox Thermal Calibration

Fox Calibration Lab

Fox Thermal Instruments’ automated systems maximize calibration accuracy and repeatability, as well as output and efficiency. Because procedures are executed the same way every time, results are consistent and calculating measurement uncertainty is simplified. Automated systems also enhance...

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