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Hydrogen and Hydrogen Blend Use Are on the Rise in the Industrial and Energy Sectors

Posted on 9th May 2023 in Fox Thermal Applications, Fox Thermal News

Blog Post on Hydrogen Applications for Thermal Mass Flow Meters

A look at hydrogen production sources, common industrial and energy applications for hydrogen, and the projected shift of the Power industry from “grey” to “green” sources using renewable energy.

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Three Companies Operating Processing Plants Reach Settlements in Clean Air Act Violations

Posted on 27th Apr 2023 in Fox Thermal Applications, Fox Thermal News

EPA Announces Emissions Fines of $9.25 million

Companies ordered to pay $9.25 million in civil penalties and mandatory improvements to facilities and equipment.

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New Release: White Paper on Minimizing Packing Leaks on Gas Compressors

Posted on 21st Feb 2023 in Fox Thermal Applications, Fox Thermal Literature

White Paper from Fox Thermal on Packing Leaks in Gas Compressors

Adding flow meters to gas compressors gives a much clearer picture of methane emissions. Flow meters also help with predictive maintenance. Read the blog to get more information and find a copy of the White Paper.

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