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New One Minute Application Video: Burner Control Efficiency and Cost Savings

View our new video on our YouTube Channel at this link.

Application Information

Maximizing industrial boiler efficiency requires the right air-to-fuel ratio for burner control. The boiler control system will need to be monitored for the fuel flow of natural gas and the airflow to each burner. By monitoring the flow of air and natural gas, users can execute a burner management plan that will help reduce maintenance costs over time and optimize the performance of the boiler. Boiler system control with flow measurement devices like thermal mass flow meters can also help meet emissions reduction goals. Additionally, a burner control plan can be applied to other industrial combustion equipment to improve combustion efficiency in furnaces, heat treaters, kilns, ovens, heaters, smelters, natural gas back-up power systems, emissions reduction systems, and building automation systems. Achieve significant energy savings, improve productivity, and enhance competitiveness with an optimized industrial process.

Flow Measurement Product Information

Fox Thermal customers trust our flow meters for burner control. Each of our models is available in insertion and inline styles and DC input power. Additionally, the FT2A, FT3, and FT4X offer a remote electronics enclosure style and an AC input power option.

Advanced Diagnostics

For advanced diagnostics, models FT1, FT4A, and FT4X offer the CAL-V™ calibration validation test feature to verify the meter still retains its original NIST-traceable calibration. When used with the free FT View™ software, a calibration validation certificate can be produced recording the results of the test.

Next Steps

To learn more about air and natural gas flow meters used in burner efficiency applications, visit our website at the link above and request a quote or a product demonstration.

Check out our New Website Application Resources!

Fox Thermal has released this new burner control and combustion process webpage to update our online resources for website visitors.

This page will serve as a central resource for you and your team to access information and literature impacting flow measurement solutions in burner control applications.

If you’d like to get a copy of our Combustion Process Application Guide, you can find a copy here:

If you're ready to get a flow meter to optimize your combustion process, get started with our online product selector tool here: Help Me Choose  

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