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Automated Calibration Improves Accuracy and Efficiency

Fox Calibration Lab

Fox Thermal Instruments’ automated systems maximize calibration accuracy and repeatability, as well as output and efficiency. Because procedures are executed the same way every time, results are consistent and calculating measurement uncertainty is simplified. Automated systems also enhance electronic records storage and retrieval.

The Calibration Lab maintains instrument calibration records on every flow meter, which can be accessed via software within the instrument or by querying the electronic library directly. Computer generated calibration documents describe specific instrument details that can be sorted by serial number, tag number or customer purchase order.

Calibration files include details on process conditions, calibration fluid, line size and other relevant information. All NIST-traceable equipment utilized for the calibration procedure is identified, as is the calibration history of all reference equipment.

In addition to the Calibration Certificate and a certified flow table that correlates current outputs with scaled units of flow, validation and certification documents are produced for each calibrated device.

Download our Calibration brochure to read more about the Fox calibration laboratory.

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