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Fox Meters, Great for many different applications and industries

Posted on 9th Jun 2017 in Fox Thermal Applications

Applications and Industries for Fox Thermal Flow MetersFox Gas Mass Flow Meters are used in light and heavy industrial, process heating and commercial facilities, upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas and Wastewater operations. Fox meters measure gas flow rates in mass (Kg/Hr, Lb/Hr) or standardized volumetric units (MSCFD, SCFM). Fox meters can measure virtually any gas flow in a wide variety of applications. Today, almost any facility will have one or more combustion processes such as a boiler, process heater or flare. Measurement of gases to these processes can be used to improve combustion efficiencies, utilities accounting and regulator reporting.

Another common application for Fox meters is monitoring factory compressed air lines for losses. It is safe to say that there will always be leaks in a compressed air system; the question is just how severe the losses will be (many companies report losses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually). Ideally, a Fox Flow Meter should be installed on each compressor upon commissioning. This allows the factory manager to establish a baseline air usage for a given level of activity. Any deviation from this baseline -- without any corresponding change in the work load -- suggests a system leak.

Other Fox applications include emissions monitoring, process heating, vent gases, flare gases, digester gases, aeration in wastewater treatment plants, laboratory gas metering, and biogas flows. Read more about Applications and Industries suitable for Fox Thermal Flow Meters.

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