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Fox Thermal Instruments 2nd generation DDC-Sensor™

2nd Generation DDC-Sensor Welded end2nd Generation DDC-Sensor Welded EndsThe Fox 2nd generation DDC-Sensor™ is a new state-of-the-art sensor technology used exclusively in the Fox Models FT1 & FT4A Thermal Gas Flow Meters. The DDC-Sensor™, a Direct Digitally Controlled sensor, is unlike other thermal flow sensors available on the market. Instead of using traditional analog circuitry, the DDC-Sensor™ is interfaced directly to the meter's microprocessor for more speed and programmability.

Competitors' sensors utilize fragile, cantilevered (only welded at one end) elements, whereas the sensor elements of the DDC-Sensor™ are welded to the sensor window at both ends for extra stability and strength. This enhanced design eliminates the sensor element vibration - found most often at high flow rates - which can potentially lead to metal fatigue and failure.



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