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Tech Tip: Importance of Sensor Design

Posted on 17th Nov 2021 in Fox Flow Meter Features, Fox Thermal Literature

Tech Tip: Importance of Sensor Design

digital sensor technologyAdvantages of Sensor Technology: Accuracy and Meter Calibration

Fox Thermal has published a Tech Tip document exploring the two main sensor types used in thermal mass flow measurement: wet and dry sensor designs. This Tech Tip explains the main differences in how each type are constructed and how these design types affect performance and longevity of the flow meter.

The Tech Tip also highlights the benefits of the digital sensor technology featured in the Fox Thermal DDC-Sensor™ and how it allows increased speed and programmability. The innovative design forms the foundation for advanced features like CAL-V™ calibration validation and Gas-SelectX® - an in-situ, field-accessible, gas selection tool.

Get your copy and read the Tech Tip now!

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