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Thank you for stopping by the Fox booth at OTC 2017!

Posted on 20th Jun 2017 in Fox Thermal News, Fox Thermal Products

Fox Booth at the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference

The Offshore Technology Conference was a huge sucess. Thank you for stopping by.

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Fox Meters, Great for many different applications and industries

Posted on 9th Jun 2017 in Fox Thermal Applications

Fox Flow Meters

Wondering which industries or applications a Fox meter is good for? Maybe you have an application and you were wondering if a Fox meter would work for you.

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Model FT4A Expanded Gas-SelectX® Gas Selection Menu

Posted on 25th May 2017 in Fox Flow Meter Features, Fox Thermal Products

FT4A Expanded Gas-SelectX Gas Menu

The Expanded Gas-SelectX® feature on the Model FT4A is a revolutionary new feature that allows the user to have a meter capable of measuring more than 10 different gases accurately.

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