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Calibration Accuracy is Only as Good as the Reference Standard

Posted on 4th Jan 2016 in Fox Thermal Calibration

Fox Calibration Lab

Fox Thermal Instruments’ calibration tunnels are calibrated at appropriate intervals, monitored for stability, and under the custody of trained laboratory personnel. Measurement assurance procedures and monitoring results are maintained in the laboratory database to ensure that all calibrations are...

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Actual Gas Calibrations Reduce Measurement Uncertainty

Posted on 4th Jan 2016 in Fox Thermal Calibration

Specialty Gas Calibration Services

Fox Thermal Instruments’ Calibration Labs utilize a wide range of pure gases and specialty mixed gases to optimize measurement accuracy and fulfill customers’ delivery requirements.

Whether your meter requires a straightforward air calibration or a complex mixed gas calibration, our goal is to...

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Fox Calibration Services Provide Accurate Meter Performance

Posted on 31st Dec 2015 in Fox Thermal Calibration

Fox Tail

Process parameters, fluid compositions and installation anomalies can dramatically affect the performance of flow instrumentation. The Fox Cal Lab employs a wide range of gases, gas mixtures, pressures, temperatures, and line sizes to simulate actual fluid and process conditions. This real-world approach improves...

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