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New! Educational Webinar Series from Fox Starts in May

Posted on 15th May 2020 in Fox Thermal Applications, Fox Thermal News

Webinar Description: 

Fox Thermal has begun a free educational webinar program designed to discuss technology, applications, and product solutions for industrial, wastewater, chemical processing, oil & gas, biogas, and many other markets.  

The first in this series will focus on compressed air systems and the leaks that cost facilities tens of thousands of dollars a year in utility expenses.  

In the first part of this webinar, the speakers will discuss how to calculate compressed air system costs, common leak detection methods, and how to determine costs due to system leaks.  

To offer solutions and a way to stop costly leaks, part two of this webinar will explain how continuous compressed air flow monitoring allows plant managers to gain optimal performance of the system while having a tremendous impact on energy savings. 

Webinar Event Details: 

Title: “Cost-Savings: Industrial Compressed Air Monitoring Strategies” 

Date and Time: Thursday, May 28, 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST 

Educational Credits: 1 hr (Completion certificates provided upon request) 

Other Resources: 

To read more about this application now, please visit our Compressed Air Webpage or download our Compressed Air Application Guide. To discuss solutions for your facility with an experienced and knowledgeable representative, Contact Us today. 

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