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New Release: White Paper on Minimizing Packing Leaks on Gas Compressors

New Release: White Paper on Minimizing Packing Leaks on Gas Compressors

Get Your Copy of the New Fox Thermal White Paper on Gas Compressor Packing Leaks

Fox Thermal has released a new White Paper on flow measurement solutions to minimize packing leaks on Gas Compressors for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Gas Compressors and Emissions Regulations

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that is under scrutiny with regulations from agencies such as the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Fugitive emissions from gas compressors used in the Oil & Gas industry are the latest to be examined. In reciprocating compressors, methane can leak from valves, flanges, and fittings, but the most significant source of gas leakage is the piston-rod packing.

Compressor packing leaks can lead to regulatory fines, but they also lead to big repair costs if they are not discovered early enough to reduce maintenance costs. Periodic testing gives only a snapshot view of performance and may not provide enough information on gas emissions.

How Flow Measurement Can Optimize your Gas Compressor

Adding flow meters to Gas Compressors gives a much clearer picture of methane emissions. Flow meters can also help with predictive maintenance.

Download the White Paper for Gas Compressors

To learn more about how packing leaks are impacted by regulations and how to minimize leaks, download the White Paper from the link below.

Get the White Paper >>


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