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Can Fox Flowmeters help with reporting emissions to the EPA?

Posted on 15th Nov 2017 in Applications, Flow Meter Features

Environmental Monitoring

Yes. All Fox meters are EPA compliant for emissions monitoring applications.

In addition, the Model FT3 and Model FT4A in-situ Calibration Validation feature is of particular value in environmental applications such as flare and vents where periodic calibration validation is mandated. The test allows operators to validate the calibration and accuracy of the meter in the field without the need to send the meter back for annual factory calibrations. These tests also allow the operator to print out Calibration Validation Certificates for each of the tests if the free FT View software is used to initiate the tests. These tests can be performed as often as needed to comply with local, regional, or national emissions reporting requirements.


For many years, organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and international agreements (like the Kyoto Protocol), were designed to assess damage to the environment from pollutants and to affect legislation or agreements in order to combat further damage. These legislations and agreements need to be fed consistent reports of emissions and pollutants being produced by state actors or industries as a form of accountability. Violations are often met with fines or other penalties.

For the Oil & Gas Industry in the United States, there are many state and federal reporting requirements along with restrictions on certain emissions or pollutants. The equipment and facilities used in Oil & Gas activities are affected differently according to their type of function. Gas well head sites must move toward green completion technology and all oil and gas processes must monitor and report various emissions to meet EPA requirements. Read more about how Fox meters can help with your emissions/environmental monitoring needs - Fox Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Environmental Monitoring.

Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc has also developed an Environmental Monitoring Guide to address several industry monitoring activities beyond the Oil & Natural Gas industry like LandfillsCoal MinesBiogas and many others.

Read about Fox gas meters’ compliance with EPA’s emissions regulations.

Read about Fox gas meters’ compliance with the California Assembly Bill 32.



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