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Fox Thermal Announces Release of a 3-Part Video Series

Posted on 12th Aug 2020 in Fox Flow Meter Features, Fox Thermal Applications, Fox Thermal News, Fox Thermal Products

Video Descriptions

The 3-part “Industry Leader in Mass Flow Measurement” video series introduces viewers to the company, the benefits of thermal mass flow technology, and the Fox Thermal product feature advantages that set it apart from competitors.

Video #1 - About Fox Thermal

The first video in the series introduces you to Fox Thermal as a company, their values, and their commitment to innovation and quality. Viewers get a glimpse at the Fox Thermal factory by stepping inside to see the people, equipment, and processes working together to bring Fox Thermal's engineered products to market with excellent customer service. 

Video #2 - What The Tech?

The second in the video series, titled What the Tech?, explains the thermal mass flow technology and the benefits of its uses for measuring air and gas flow in Oil & Gas and Industrial markets. Explore why thermal mass flow technology holds many advantages like direct mass flow measurement, low pressure drop, a no moving parts design, and a broad measurement range.

Video #3 - The Digital Difference

The third installment in the series, called The Digital Difference, takes the viewer through the innovative DDC-Sensor™ technology found only in Fox Thermal products. This Direct Digitally Controlled (DDC) sensor provides the technology platform for calculating accurate gas correlations found in the revolutionary Gas-SelectX® feature which allows users to change the gas composition settings in the flow meter without having to return the meter to the factory for recalibration. Another great advantage is the CAL-V™ in-situ Calibration Validation test that – among other great benefits – ensures that the flow meter retains its original NIST-traceable calibration.

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