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FT2A comparison with FCI ST100

Posted on 28th Mar 2017 in Fox Flow Meter Features, Fox Thermal Products

Fox Model FT2A vs. FCI ST100


Fabricio Andrade from Visaya Solutions posted a review comparing both the Fox Model FT2A and the FCI Model ST100. Both are thermal flowmeters, however the simplicity of the Fox Meter seems to be a definite plus.

From the push buttons on the display that allow the user to tell how to set it up, to the communication and protocols, Fox provides an easy to set up and use product right out of the box. 

Fox also provides a state of the art Flow Meter Configurator to help you determine which Fox meter will be most suitable for your application.

Read more in the product comparison from Visaya Solutions, "Comparison: FCI ST100 vs Fox FT2A Thermal Flow meters..."

"Fox created an online tool, the Fox flow meter configurator, to analyze your process data and offer the best flow meter for you. Yeah, we like that."


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