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Model FT4A Expanded Gas-SelectX® Gas Selection Menu

Posted on 25th May 2017 in Fox Flow Meter Features, Fox Thermal Products

FT4A Expanded Gas-SelectX Gas Menu

The Expanded Gas-SelectX® feature on the Model FT4A is a revolutionary new feature that allows the user to have a meter capable of measuring more than 10 different gases accurately.

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New Fox Model FT4A Flowmeter!

Posted on 5th May 2017 in Fox Flow Meter Features, Fox Thermal News, Fox Thermal Products

New Fox Model FT4A Flowmeter

Announcing the NEW! Fox Model FT4A Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter. With added features such as the improved 2nd Generation DDC Sensor and Expanded Gas-SelectX Menu.

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Fox Model FT3 Flowmeter Features

Posted on 6th Apr 2017 in Fox Flow Meter Features, Fox Thermal Products

Fox Model FT3 Flow Meter

The Model FT3 was designed with our oil and gas customers in mind. This meter is Quad O (OOOO) compliant and is perfect for use in flare gas applications along with other fuel gas measurement.

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