Biogas Flow Meter Applications

Biogas Measurement for Energy and Emissions Tracking

Biogas is produced when organic matter, like agricultural or municipal waste, decomposes in the absence of oxygen. This may take place in a landfill site or an anaerobic digester, producing biogas containing about 70% methane and 30% carbon dioxide.

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and also the primary constituent of natural gas, an important energy source. Mass flow meters from Fox Thermal can provide accurate and reliable measurements of biogas for significant energy, economic, and environmental benefits.

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Fox Thermal Biogas Flow Meters Provide

Accurate GHG Emissions Tracking

Biogas flow meters from Fox Thermal help measure methane captured from anaerobic digesters to monetize the resulting carbon credits through greenhouse gas emissions allowance trading systems.

Reduced Downtime With Gas-SelectX

As the biogas composition changes over time, the gas composition settings in Gas-SelectX® can be reprogrammed in the field to avoid sending the flow meter back to the factory for recalibration.

Easier Maintenance and Monitoring

Fox Thermal mass flow meter sensors are made of stainless steel, contain no moving parts, and require no additional pressure or temperature compensation to measure the mass flow rate of the biogas.

More Details About Biogas Flow Meter Applications

Biogas is the by-product of the anaerobic process of breaking down organic material in a landfill site or digester tanks containing agricultural, industrial, or municipal wastes. In this process, the lack of oxygen provides a breeding ground for bacteria that decompose the organic matter into CH4 and CO2.

One of the biggest pain points with this type of gas production is maintenance and monitoring of the anaerobic process happening inside the digester. An increase or decrease in biogas temperature may indicate a problem inside the digester requiring maintenance.

Fox Thermal mass flow meter technology can be used at the outlet of the digester to keep track of both the temperature and flow rate of biogas from the digester to the storage or usage point. By monitoring these numbers regularly, problems in the digester can be caught early, in time to rectify the situation.

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Biogas delivery and storage system

Monitoring Biogas to Turn Emissions into Fuel or Carbon Credits

Digester gas flow meters are used for mass flow measurement of the natural gas generated through anaerobic digestion in a variety of applications such as landfills and wastewater treatment processes.

According to EPA regulation, U.S. companies that release more than 25,000 metric tons per year of CO₂-equivalent (CO₂e) emissions are required to monitor and report annual mass GHG emissions. Fox Thermal Mass Flow Meter Model FT4X comes with a built-in totalizing function that facilitates environmental auditing procedures of greenhouse gas emissions for Title 40 CFR Part 98 Subpart JJ.

Thermal dispersion, or thermal mass flow meters, offer a wide turndown that provides accurate measurement of the fluctuating biogas produced from digesters. This accuracy specification exceeds the requirements defined by the EPA rule and helps provide a reliable, cost-effective solution to GHG emissions monitoring challenges.

Thermal mass flow meters are also used to monitor flare gas from digesters. Measuring the total combusted methane, including any excess gas that is flared, is an important element of the certification process needed to document, verify, register, and monetize reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Biogas storage tanks of an agricultural biogas plant

Gas-SelectX® for Superior Biogas Flow Meter Applications

Biogas composition changes over time. This is a problem for most gas flow meter technologies, which must be sent back to the factory for recalibration to the new biogas composition to provide accurate and reliable measurement of the biogas flow rate.

But with the Gas-SelectX® feature on Fox Thermal mass flow meters, the user can change the settings to match the new gas composition without returning the flow meter for recalibration. Subsequently, the flow meter’s calibration can be verified in the field using the calibration validation feature called CAL-V™.

Model FT1 for digester gas flow measurement.

How to Get Biogas Flow Meters for Your Application

Our easy-to-use app helps you select the right biogas flow meter

If you’re not sure which flow meter is right for your needs, our Help Me Choose app walks you through a short series of questions to help you choose the ideal meter.

Next, enter some application details in the configurator form

Simply enter your process data and measurement requirements into our automated thermal mass flow meter configurator. Drop-down menus and Help icons will guide you to answer each question.

Save and submit your configurator data to us for a quote — it’s that easy!

Save the data you entered into the form to create a PDF with a model code and application ID. When you're ready, submit your application to the team at Fox Thermal for a quote.

Discover the Fox Thermal Advantage

Flow Meters for Digester Gas Applications

fox thermal product ft1

Model FT1

The Fox Thermal FT1 is a cost-effective biogas flow meter that comes with both Gas-SelectX® and CAL-V™ calibration validation. These allow the biogas composition settings to be changed and then verified in the field, without returning the meter to the factory.

View Model FT1
fox thermal product ft4A meter

Model FT4A

The FT4A includes the Gas-SelectX® expanded gas selection menu and CAL-V™ calibration validation. It is CE, FM, and FMc approved, along with ATEX and IECEx. Applications include biogas measurement for agricultural anaerobic digestion and landfill methane emissions.

View Model FT4A
fox thermal product ft4X meter

Model FT4X

The FT4X thermal mass flow meter measures biogas flow rate/total and temperature. It comes with a BLM accuracy-compliant data logger which maintains a 7-year history. Includes the Gas-SelectX® and the CAL-V™ calibration validation features.

View Model FT4X

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