Digester Flow Meters for Monitoring Biogas in Digester Applications

Fox Thermal Digester Gas Applications

Gases produced from anaerobic digesters are commonly monitored by thermal mass flow meters. Biogas is produced when organic matter decomposes in the absence of oxygen and digesters are often the vessels used in this process. Landfills, farms, and wastewater treatment plants are becoming common sites for the use of digesters to produce biogas.

Typically, biogas is made up of 70% methane and 30% carbon dioxide; however, digester gas is known to change composition from time to time. A remedy for this is to have a portable gas analyzer to check periodically for any changes in the gas composition. If your meter is calibrated to measure a particular mixture, you may encounter accuracy errors if the gas composition changes. The larger the change, the greater the error.

Fox Thermal has developed a product, the Model FT1, with a solution to this changing gas composition problem in mind. The innovative design of the DDC-Sensor™ on the Model FT1 allows the meter to be calibrated on a single gas, while the meter is programmed to measure up to 11 pure gases and a 3-Gas Mix option, too. The 3-Gas Mix helps solve the changing gas composition issue by allowing the user to choose any 3 gases available in the Gas-SelectX® gas selection menu and program their concentrations in 1% increments (gas mixture total must equal 100%).

By allowing the gas composition to be programmed in the meter, Fox Thermal is helping its customers find a versatile meter that will reduce errors in accuracy and extra costs associated with competitor’s meters that would need to be returned to the factory for recalibration.

Thermal gas mass flow meters are often used in digester gas applications, including:

  • Digester gas flowmeters for Livestock manure management systems
  • Swine and dairy farms
  • Liquid systems (lagoons and holding tanks)
  • Digester Gas Meters for Landfills
  • Municipal Solid waste systems
  • Digester Gas Flow Meters for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Flow meters from Fox Thermal offer a wide turndown that provides accurate measurement of the fuel gas produced from digesters. Fox Thermal gas flow meters have a built-in totalizer often used in auditing procedures of greenhouse gas emissions for environmental monitoring and reporting.

Find out how an FT1 meter can help in with your digester gas monitoring needs.

Read more about Wastewater and Biogas applications.

Fox Thermal strives to design and manufacture the most innovative and reliable thermal mass flow meter products to our customers. All Fox Thermal meters measure mass flow rate and are available in insertion and inline models. Fox Thermal models FT1, FT2A and FT3 are mass flow meters and temperature transmitters providing isolated 4-20mA and pulse output for flow rate, and a 4-20mA pulse output for process gas temperature or a second flow rate output.

Fox Thermal flow meters are often calibrated to measure air flow. Please review the product features for Models FT1, FT2A and FT3 for further information about our thermal mass flow meter products. If you’re not sure which meter is right for your digester gas application, use our Help Me Choose app to find the ideal meter or Contact Us today!

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